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Prop 65 News is a daily online publication covering California's Proposition 65, and related regulations, legislation, enforcement and science. We offer timely and unbiased reporting on issues impacting Proposition 65. We also provide regulatory and litigation documents to our premium subscribers.   Our news content is published on our website daily, and an email recap of articles published in the past two weeks newsletter is sent to our subscribers bi-monthly.

Prop 65 News is designed with the practitioner and compliance professional in mind, helping to simplify the tracking of regulations and emerging litigation trends.

Our document repository currently contains approximately 18,700 litigation and regulatory documents from more than 3,700 Proposition 65 lawsuits filed since 1988. Our settlement database contains data from more than 5,200 Prop 65 settlements.  The documents in the repository are full-text indexed, making them searchable in a Google-like search interface.  The document repository is updated weekly.

A new library of regulatory documents from  federal and state agencies such as OEHHA, DTSC, U.S. CPSC, U.S. EPA and the National Toxicology Program was recently introduced.    


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