Thursday, January 19, 2017

Proposition 65 Handbook

The Proposition 65 Handbook is the authoritative desk reference book for Proposition 65 law, regulations and science. The 2013 edition was published in December 2013.

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The Proposition 65 Handbook

2013 Edition

Prop 65 News is updating and releasing the Proposition 65 Handbook - 2017 Edition to include timely and relevant information reflecting the current state of Proposition 65 practice.   This extensive update includes greatly expanded sections on federal preemption, recent federal and state legislation, chemical listings, Proposition 65 trials and Proposition 65 litigation trends.  

For those interested in purchasing the 2013 edition at a reduced rate, the list price of $295.00 will be discounted to $125.00 for orders on our remaining 15 books.

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