About Prop 65 News

Prop 65 News provides timely, accurate and unbiased information about California's Proposition 65 and related statutes. It is designed both with the practitioner and newcomer in mind, providing a quick and efficient way to track litigation trends, keep up with the latest regulatory developments, and provide a big picture view of Proposition 65 practice.  It is also designed to help companies unfamiliar with Proposition 65 to quickly learn what they must know to comply with this often vexing statute.  

Prop 65 News has been publishing continuously since 1987.

The Prop 65 News website includes:

Prop 65 Litigation Database containing court documents from more than 3,700 Prop 65 enforcement actions. This document repository is full-text searchable by word or phrase.  Our database can also be searched by case name, number, plaintiff, defendant, chemical or product.

Prop 65 News Archives.
Our repository of more than 4,300 news articles spanning 27 years can be searched by any word occurring in the article. Related articles are cross-referenced for your convenience.
Regulatory Calendar.  Prop 65 News maintains a regulatory calendar to track important events impacting Proposition 65 and related statutes.

Prop 65 News Coverage includes full and continuing coverage of key cases and listings of recent Proposition 65 complaints, settlements and 60-Day Notices.  We provide regulatory updates covering actions of the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment and other state and federal agencies whose policies might affect Proposition 65. 

We also offer occasional guest and editorial articles from Proposition 65 experts.

Proposition 65 Handbook.  Prop 65 News has published this invaluable desk reference for Proposition 65 practice and compliance since 1994.  The 2013 Edition is the fourth and most comprehensive guide to Proposition 65 was published in December 2013.  A digital edition will be available in June 2014.

Proposition 65 Document Repository.  Prop 65 News maintains the largest collection of documents pertaining to Proposition 65 litigation, regulation and science in a full-text indexed searchable document management system. 

Who We Are

  • Jack Schatz  has been involved with Proposition 65 since 1995 when working at Lockheed Environmental Systems and Technologies, having litigated both defense and plaintiff matters.  He has served as Editor of Prop 65 News since 2004. He succeeds Roger Carrick as publisher.
  • Lisa J. Smith, is the business and circulation manager for Prop 65 News.  She has worked extensively in the marketing of service based businesses since 1999.
  • Anthony Esposito is a freelance journalist covering environmental and health issues, who will contribute regularly to Prop 65 News.
  • James Iaccabucci, has extensive enterprise web development experience, having spent over 25 years developing enterprise lines of business applications in the financial services sector.  Mr. Iaccabucci is assisting with the development of a modern user interface and enhanced functionality to our extensive litigation database.
Prop 65 News is a publication of Cornerstone Publishing, LLC
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