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Tuesday, December 31, 1991

Ohio Initiative Modeled on Prop 65 Before Legislature

The Ohio right-to-know initiative modeled on California's Prop 65 is now before the Ohio State Legislature, but critics and proponents of the initiative agree that the real battle will not begin until the proposed law is put to a statewide ballot.  Both sides agree that it is unlikely that the legislature will approve the proposed law.

Saturday, November 30, 1991

Strock Appoints Panel to Help Fine Tune Prop 65...

Cal-EPA Secretary James Strock has appointed a panel of environmental, industry and scientific experts to advise him on the implementation and enforcement of Prop 65.

Saturday, November 30, 1991

Opposition Prepares to Battle Ohio's Prop 65 in State...

A petition-based initiative modeled on California's Prop 65 is on target for consideration by the Ohio state legislature in January.

Sunday, June 30, 1991

The Carcinogens That Escape Prop. 65 Warnings

Whatever happened to Proposition 65?  Enacted in 1986 by a nearly 2-to-1 majority, it was intended to better protect the public from toxic chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive harm, as well as prevent their contamination of the state's drinking-water supply.  As its fifth anniversary approaches, an evaluation of its performance seems timely.


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